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Eye Care Kenya

Eyecare Kenya

What is Eye Care Kenya?

Eye Care Kenya is an international program focused on bringing eye and other health care services to countries without those services in a sustainable and replicable manner.

How Spanda Inc. Got Involved:

Through the help of Empowering Lives International (ELI), Spanda Inc., was able to bring its services and various medical specialities into the country to help the Kenyan people start a health clinic, the Cheboiywa Clinic. ELI is a group dedicated to bringing encouragement, ideas, and empowerment to families and villages that have lost hope for a better life.

Establishment of Clinic:

Established in 2006, the Cheboiywa Clinic continues to increase the number of patients seen each year. A recent review of health conditions in the community showed a 75% drop in the number of cases for common illnesses since the clinic inception.

Current Services offered at the Cheboiywa Clinic include:

  1. Curative (the treatment of injury or illness; i.e. sprained ankles to malaria.
  2. Laboratory Services (including HIV testing and counseling)
  3. Maternal Health, Infant/Child Health and Family Planning
  4. Basic Dental Services (usually resulting in tooth extraction)
  5. Preventative Services (sale of mosquito nets and Water Guard, which kills parasites and bacteria from well water to make it safe for drinking)
  6. Outreach Services by way of a moble clinic
  7. Reproductive Health Training Sessions (focused for local midwives)
  8. Pharmaceutical Services
  9. Maternity/Deliveries
  10. Eye Care Services

In hopes of making the Cheboiywa Clinic a full fledge medical center, other services are being added as soon as the need is identified.